Carrie Engel’s Enchant Him Review – Best Book Of 2012?

enchant him review
put him under your spell!

Today I have a rather exciting review to share with you about a book I am considering naming the best relationship book/product of the year. It’s called “Enchant Him” by relationship guru Carrie Engel (in collaboration with celebrated relationship coach Nick Bastion…)

Rather than writing a long winded description of every last thing that you will learn about Enchant Him, I thought I’d just answer a few of the most popular questions that I have gotten so far from people interested in this program. I’ll also briefly share my thoughts on this program and why I am recommending it so strongly!

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Enchant Him FAQs:

Who is Enchant Him for?

Enchant Him is actually something that women in all sorts of relationships can get a lot out of, as well as single women. Unlike a lot of other programs that are specifically for a specific group of women, like women in failing marriages for example, this program is for all women who want to learn how to make men totally enchanted with them, like head over heels, ga-ga, in love. This is handy because you can use what you learn in here over time as your relationship continues to mature.

Pretty much the only women it’s not for are women who are already completely satisfied and happy in their relationships and with the way that their men treat them.

What will I learn in “Enchant Him”?

Enchant Him was designed to give readers the same information that Carrie was giving to her private coaching clients which basically goes over how they can get their men to treat him EXCATLY the way that they want to be treated, so that they can have what we might call a “fairy tale” perfect relationship.

This is done without manipulating, or nagging, or acting “weird”… There is a lot to how it actually works. A couple of the really key concepts are learning to reward his good behavior and punish his bad behavior, so he’ll treat you how you want to be treated and think that it’s all HIS idea! (…sneaky) Another good one is this idea of learning to motivate your man to love you right. This part is GOLD.

Does Carrie Engel actually know what she’s talking about?

Of course the big question with any of these “relationship gurus” is whether they actually have the goods or if they are just full of hot air. In Carrie’s case I can say that I was a little skeptical of her at first because I hadn’t heard that much about her before the release of Enchant Him… That said, after acquainting myself with her material I think she might be the next relationship expert superstar, because her stuff is seriously good.

Will it work if I am older, out of shape, have a intimidating job etc…?

People always like to look for reasons why something won’t work for them, but in this case this programs was designed for women who feel like they have some sort of “disadvantage”. Honestly, everybody has things that can be seen as negatives, if we didn’t we’d all be professional model/millionaires with perfect relationships.

Why I’m so excited about “Enchant Him

The thing that really stands out about Carrie Engel’s Enchant Him is how well she understands the male-female dynamic and the miscommunication that always seems to occur. As a guy, I could relate to everything that she had to say about how men think and how we express ourselves (or fail to express ourselves) in a romantic relationship.

I think the fact that this program is really a sort of collaboration between Engel and Bastion must have helped them to get everything so right, because he knows about relationships from a man’s viewpoint, and she knows about it for a woman’s.

If you want to learn about how to get men falling over themselves to date you and commit to you, this is a MUST READ! you can visit the website here:

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