Melt Your Man’s Heart Review – Is Randy Bennett Legit?

Hi, and welcome to the first review I’m posting on this site! Today I’m looking at a new program from a guy name Randy Bennett called “Melt Your Man’s Heart”. In this short review I’m going to look at what Randy covers in the program, give you some pros and cons, and give you my personal opinion from a GUY’S perspective… because I know first hand what would melt my heart, so I’ll tell you if I think this would work on me!

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Who is Randy Bennett?

But first, just who is this Randy Bennett guy and what makes him such an “expert” on relationships and melting guy’s hearts? Well, I looked into his background a bit and unlike a lot of “experts” and relationship “gurus”, Randy actually is a licensed counselor with a MA (Masters), he’s a LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) and a LCPC (Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor), so he does have credentials.

However, that said he credentials are not all that impressive to me because I know a lot of shrinks and counselors who are not all that sane themselves. But I guess the fact that he is actually a practicing councelor with 25 years of experience counselling women is a good thing if he is going to be trying to help improve relationships!

Basic Info- Melt Your Man’s Heart Review:

The basic idea behind this program is that certain behaviors and actions that we take in our relationships and marriages create a wedge.  This wedge gets in the way of closeness, intimacy and all the things that you want with your man. So, the key is to identify what these actions are and to stop doing them! And to replace them with new actions that improve your relationship and remove that wedge so that you can go back to the way things were… Back when he was treating you with love, respect and devotion.

I will say that this book is well written. That’s important to me because let’s face it, if a book ids written in boring way chances are you aren’t going to be able to make it very far through it! So I liked the fact that he weaves a lot of interesting stories through the book.

For instance, Randy starts things off by describing a situation that you may find all too familiar… He paints a picture of a wife who is trying  everything she can do to get some love, attention and affection from her husband, but it’s like the guy just can’t take a hint! Even though she does a great job making a perfect home, and looking after his creature comforts he never gives her the kind of treatment that she is craving.

The reason of course is because she is doing things that drive that wedge in and make love impossible!

Randy says that what happens is that women will often do things that they *think* will get their husbands to treat them the way that they want to be treated but, unfortunately these actions actually have the REVERSE EFFECT and make things worse. He calls this these “self-sabotaging behaviors” (behaviors that drive the wedge between you)

One of the key pieces of Randy’s Melt Your Man’s Heart program is what he calls “The Seven Characteristics of a self-Sabotage Spiral.”  These characteristics are the self-defeating mindsets, unfounded beliefs and toxic behaviors that sabotage your relationship and turn your man’s heart as cold as a ice cube in Janurary!

They are:

  1. If I keep doing this action…perhaps in time he’ll acknowledge me and what I need… (never happens!)
  2. Thinking that you should be like “sugar and spice and everything nice”
  3. Thinking that your requests make him think that you are a nag.
  4. Thinking “I shouldn’t “rock the boat” too much…”
  5. The belief that he doesn’t think like you… even though he should! (he’s a man, so no he shouldn’t think like you…)
  6. The belief that your man will never change the way he treats you no matter what you do…
  7. The belief that your man will never open up to you…

Then Randy of course goes into why women fall victim to these negative self-defeating habits, and how you can change them.

I won’t give you a full summary of the book, but the 4 main sections include:

  1. Why some women succeed in relationships while others fail… (not my favorite section to be honest)
  2. Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships…
  3. The biggest sex organ – intimacy starts in the brain… (This section is really important, You can’t talk about improving relationships withoutr talking about the need for emotional AND physical intimacy…)
  4. The new woman – drive your man wild with the new you… (From a guys perspective, this part is the stuff that I think will work the best)

You also get something called “Your Life Script” which is a companion guide for helping you personalize the program for your own relationship. This makes everything interactive and helps you chart your progress so that is more than just a book of concepts, this actually makes it like a heart melting system.


  • There is a very good discussion of  the four different communication styles (passive, passive aggressive, aggressive and assertive) and how the first three of these can negatively impact your relationship… (I read about this in a psych book back in college and loves the idea back then – good stuff!)
  • The book is written in a very step by step way, so that you should know exactly what you need to do, when and in what order so you don’t need to worry about trying to interpret the methodology. This would I imagine make it extremely easy to apply.
  • Overall, the advice is solid and makes perfect sense. These are things I’m sure the majority of women (and men) never think about and making the changes Randy suggests could have a very profound effect on your relationship.


  • This is NOT an overnight fix that will melt your man’s heart just because you got the book. as with anything, you get out what you put in, so if you want results with this stuff you need to actually read it, understand it and apply it consistently. To a degree Randy may make this seem easier than I think that it is.
  • Personally I would have liked more graphic info on how a woman can please a man “intimately” (I am a guy remember) There was some very good content on this in here that I’m sure would work, but overall it was a bit PG-13 for my taste.

My Opinion of Melt Your Man’s Heart:

Over the past few years I’ve had the distinct displeasure to read nearly a hundred self-help relationship improvement guides. Most had a good idea or two, and not much else… Melt your man’s heart however is something different because in addition to giving a really good explanation of what goes wrong in relationships, it gives a clear roadmap on how to reverse these things.

I think if you tried this on your man it would pretty much have to work, or his heart has already turned to STONE! but unless you are with a total sociopath, this would probably do the trick…

Since you are obviously interested give it a try, randy has a 60 Day Guarantee that it will work. Click here to get it now!


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