Mike Fiore’s Secret Survey Looks At Why Men Lie

… Ever wonder why he lies?

In recent years Mike (Michael) Fiore has established himself as one of the world’s most beloved relationship experts and advice givers, and today I wanted to talk about a program Mike created that has gotten just an over the top reaction… The program is call “The Secret Survey” What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Could Never Tell You.

This is a really interesting and unique program, because rather than just kind of giving you generalized relationship advice the way that a lot of programs do, this program digs really deep into male psychology, how men think, what makes them tick, how they think about, women, relationships, sex, and all that good stuff.

What You’ll Learn And Who This Is Good For…

The program is, as Michael explains all about why men act the way that they do, what motivates them in relationships, and why so often they act in annoying, hurtful and commitment-phobic ways.

Michael he polled his female audience to determine what sorts of relationship problems they had been having so that he could help answer their questions and address the most common scenarios that they were going through. What Michael discovered was that there were a lot of patterns in what they were going through, and a lot of it was some pretty sad and disturbing stuff.

Women wanted to know WHY, why do men do all this crazy, annoying, upsetting stuff? Why do they pull away emotional, why do they stop coming around, why do they lie, cheat, and act like huge jerks, especially to women who have treated them so good and basically bent over backwards to make them happy?

But, rather than simply answering these questions based on his own insights and experience, Michael decided to turn to his tens of thousands of male subscribers to get these answers straight from the guys!

What he found, was that the guys actually had a lot to say. Stuff that they wanted women to know about them, but that they couldn’t just come out and say… And this was the basis for the program.

I won’t go through everything that is covered in the program, or all the bonus material, since that is all pretty well covered in Mike’s Video, which you can watch here…

…So, who would benefit from a program like this?

Well, if you are a woman who is routinely confused by male behavior, and you are looking for a way to stop the madness, then this would probably be a good place to start. The program offers a lot of sound advice on to get through to him and how to get him to connect and communicate with you better so you know where his head is at.

Single women who have had a string of disappointing relationships, would also likely enjoy the program as it may well get you to see why things went wrong in the past, through no fault of your own and how to avoid those sorts of problems in the future.

And definitely, if you are in a place where your relationship just seems kind of “stuck” with a guy you care about and you are unsure how he feels or where things are headed then you will definitely get a lot out of The Secret Survey, if I did on star rating on here this program would get a solid five of five… Mike knows his stuff and this program really takes things to the next level.

To get all the advance male psychological insights you need and more, click below for The Secret Survey.