Ryan Hall’s Pull Your Ex Back Review – Anything Good?

Sometime you gotta appeal to your ex's "emotional brain"...
Sometime you gotta appeal to your ex’s “emotional brain”…

Today I’ve got a review for you of a new and very popular “get your ex back” guide from a guy named Ryan Hall called “Pull Your Ex Back”.

I am generally a bit apprehensive about these new “ex back” programs because there have been so many new ones coming out lately, but I had been hearing good things about this one so I thought I’d take a look and give you the scoop… Just a note, there are men’s and women’s versions of this program, but they are quite similar, so this review will apply to both versions.

Okay… What’s so special about Pull Your Ex Back?

The idea behind Ryan’s program is pretty simple. Basically he breaks down a bunch of psychological principles that you can use for the specific purpose of getting your ex to think about you differently and start feeling the love, attraction, affection and so forth that they need to feel in order for them to want you back.

If you have read any other books about getting an ex back then this may not sound all that ground breaking to you, but in fact Ryan’s approach is pretty unique.

The thing I like about his course is that he doesn’t try to act all *smart*, or try to be witty, or try to take some sort of moral high ground. He doesn’t give his techniques flashy cute names or anything like that.

It’s straight and to the point, which works for me.

The techniques he teaches are also pretty hard core. This isn’t “touchy feely” woo-woo manifesting crap.

It’s direct. Like, do this, do that, get your ex to feel this emotion, then get them to feel THIS emotion, then do this… and then they NEED you back.

In the program Ryan talks a lot about the “emotional brain” and the “logical brain” and how in order to get your ex back you need to appeal to their emotional brain. I agree with that completely.

Although many people like to think of themselves as “logic beings” that fact is that we as humans all make the vast majority of our decisions based on emotion and not logic. This is probably a good thing because it keeps us from all being a bunch of cold and unfeeling robots, but it can make things a bit difficult when it comes to trying to navigate interpersonal relationships.

What’s interesting is that the program gives you a very *logical* approach for appealing to their emotional side, which is kind of funny if you think about it, but I think that many will find Ryan’s logical, dare I even say “cold and calculated” approach to be very effective.

Product Info:

The program itself is pretty tight. You get the manual as well as an audio version and Ryan’s “Mind Control Black Book” special report. Especially for an “ex back” program, I think it’s important that there isn’t a lot of fluff or filler. After all, you don’t want to need to dig through a ton of material trying to figure out what you need to do. The program is digital, so you can simply sign up and get right into it.

The content in the special report may not be necessary for everyone to use, but it is definitely good information to have on hand in your arsenal so you can bring out the big guns if you need to.

The last word on Pull Your Ex Back…

This guide is good.

I think it would be ideal for somebody who wants a very clear and to the point blueprint for getting their ex back. If you are somebody apprehensive about using “psychological tricks” and fiddling with your exes emotions a bit then I don’t know what to say… good luck to you.

As I see it, relationships are all about emotions, and when you get dumped and want your ex back, the only way to really make that happen is to understand what went wrong with your ex’s emotions and then help them to feel good emotions towards you like: love, devotion, desire etc… I don’t see anything wrong with that myself, so long as you have good intentions.

… And this is the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen on understanding, and appealing to your ex’s emotional brain. Here’s a link to a special promotion for Pull Your Ex Back…