Capture His Heart Review – Claire Casey & Michael Fiore Show You How…

It's time to capture your Mr. Right!
It’s time to capture your Mr. Right!

[UPDATED DEC 22nd: After much deliberation, Capture His Heart is now our #1 Top Recommended Resource for 2013]

There’s a new program out from Michael Fiore called “Capture His Heart” that I’m going to be reviewing today. The premise, is that there are some fairly simple guidelines that you can follow to get a really great man, the kind of man that you have always wanted ADDICTED to you.

Now, with a website like… It should be pretty obvious that I like this whole idea of teaching women how to win a guy’s heart and keep it, so I was more than excited to take a look and see what Mike had put together in this program. I’ve been a fan of his work having been through all of his home training courses, and reviewing a couple of his best programs for women here on this site (Text Your Ex Back and The Secret Survey) And while I enjoyed those programs, Capture His Heart is the one I’m the most excited about, because it focuses more on the good stuff like attracting and keeping the perfect man, rather than trying to deal with relationship problems after the fact. The program was developed after Michael worked with Claire Casey, a woman who had advised his own girlfriend before she captured Michael’s heart.

To make this review a bit more fun and interesting I’ve opted to make this a Q and A style review, answering questions you may have about the program.

Question #1 “I Watched The Video Where Michael Talked About The 3 Steps To Make A Man Love You… Is There More To The Program Than These 3 Steps?”

Yes, there is much, much more to the program than just understanding these three steps (those who missed the video can watch it here). The three steps that you learn about in the video are the basic fundamentals that are key to making a man love you, and become as Michael says “addicted” to you, but the program itself goes into exactly how to accomplish these three things, and how to use these three things in your own life, there are also many specific techniques that you can use to for instance get the men that you want to approach and flirt with you and keep the losers away.

Question #2 “What Are Some Of The Best Insights I Will Find In The Capture His Heart Program”

This will depend a bit on where you are at right now with your current relationship or lack there of. If you are a gal who struggles to even get the attention of the guy that you want then you will probably love the “Gateway Technique” which is Claire’s patented method for getting the right guys to approach. If on the other hand your problem is more one of getting the right guy to commit, then you will find probably benefit the most from the section on getting a guy to overcome his “fear” of commitment. So for this question the answer will vary.

Question #3 “What Kind Of Woman Would Benefit From This Course?”

Again, this course should prove helpful to a wide audience of women. In fact even if you already have a good relationship the “commitment” section and the parts about understanding male psychology should be real eye-openers. That said, if you are a woman who just can’t seem to find Mr. Right and get him to stick around then this program has your name written  all over it!

Question #4 “Does Any Useful Bonus Material Come With Capture His Heart?”

Yeah, the bonuses actually have some solid content in them… First there is the “Dump Radar Worksheet” which will help keep you from ever getting blindsided and dumped. Often the hardest part of a guy dumping you is that you don’t really see it coming, and this has some helpful insights you can use to protect yourself in the future. You also get the “Man of Your Dreams Checklist” which is my pick out of the bonuses because it has some really good insights on how to properly identify the perfect man. And then there is and interview with Matt Hussey that has some more ideas about how to get a man to approach and chase you (in a good way.)

Question #4 “Anything You Didn’t Like About The Program?”

Usually I am able to pinpoint at least one ortwo shortcomings in a home study course of this type, but I have to say that with Capture His Heart this is a winner across the boards. I think that what I liked best is that this information from a woman who knows what it is like to get Mr. Right from a woman’s perspective.

Final Recommendation…

If you are looking to capture your own personal Mr. Right in 2013, you should definitely go through the material in this program and give it a try. This one is definitely a game-changer in the right hands. Click Here to get your copy of Capture His Heart.

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