Make his heart POUND with desire...

Make his heart POUND with desire…

In today’s review I’m going to be discussing a new program from underground relationship coach James Scott called The Guy Magnet System, that people are saying is pretty controversial…

This is a review, Click Here for the Official Guy Magnet Website…

Why’s it controversial?

Well, some of the techniques taught in James’ program exploit the emotional processing part of the male brain in a way that is said to overpower his rational mind, and anytime you are messing with these sorts of psychological techniques there is always the possibility that they could be used to hurt men, break their hearts, and so forth, which is a little scary.

Of course the program wasn’t created for any nefarious purposes, but rather to help women make men fall in love with them and burn with desire for them, which isn’t so bad!

Basic Info On The Guy Magnet System…

The Guy Magnet System was created by James Scott, who I must admit I had not heard of prior to the release of this course. However, I heard such rave reviews of the program that I decided to take a look and see if I thought it was actually something worth recommending, and whether there was actually anything NEW here that isn’t covered in any of the other relationship guides that I’ve previously reviewed…

One thing that impressed me about the course is just how much research and work James put into this training. A lot of Scott’s techniques and insights come from unique places, like for instance he worked with animal trainers to discover some very unique methods that they employee to keep animals under control, and then adapted these strategies to be used in relationships! That one in particular really blew my mind.

Most of his methodology is based on brain science and psychology, and the course gives you a pretty huge resource of techniques you can use to trigger changes in a man’s mind to make him enthusiastically pursue, desire you, and basically worship you.

The course itself includes the entire system in a downloadable PDF format, and comes with a few additional bonuses, including the “Love Trigger Report “, “The Man Training Manual” (this includes info based on that animal training I mentioned!), and  “Male Mind Explorer Report” which talks about some really interesting ways to “link” your mind to your man’s mind so that you will always be able to know exactly what he is thinking, this was another part of the program that I found really fascinating…

Guy Magnet System Pros And Cons:

PRO #1) The program shows you HOW to make a man crazy about you. One thing that I find really frustrating about a lot of relationship courses is that they just share theories, or ideas about male psychology and attraction, but they don’t tell you how to implement these theories. One of the best things about James’ program is that he breaks everything down for you and then gives you very specific techniques that you can implement immediately.

PRO #2) Can be applied to a wide range of situations. This system has techniques gor just about any relationship situation that you could conceivably find yourself it… From getting you ex boyfriend to want you back to getting a new guy’s attention, to getting your boyfriend or husband to look at you and treat you like he is completely in love. There are techniques for everything, and most of them are completely new and not like anything I’ve seen before. This is pretty handy because it means that you can keep this program as a resource and refer to it over time, whenever you find yourself in a new situation that you need a bit of help with.

PRO #3) The “Spontaneous Desire” technique – Like I said, this program includes a ton of different techniques that can be applied to all sorts of different situations that you may find yourself in with a man, nut this one technique in particular is something that I think a lot of women are really going to benefit from immensely. The name is a pretty apt description of what it does (trigger spontaneous desire in a man). And it’s neat how James worked it out to play out over a 3 day period where the man just becomes more and more visibly in love with you.

CON #1) Potential for evil use. As I noted at the top of this review, this program deals with some very sensitive psychological processes within the male mind. And, in my opinion it would be very easy or a woman of average intelligence to use the insights gleaned from this program to emotional devastate a man… Which obviously would not be good. That said. it is really just a tool like a knife that can be used to hurt or to create something beautiful, it just depends who is using it.

The Verdict…

This is probably the single most powerful resource I have seen for women who want to be able to use a man’s psychology to make him crazy with love and passion. There are some very powerful techniques and tricks included in this course and all I can say is that I hop that if you choose to use them that you use them wisely! Click Here to download your copy of The Guy magnet System Now!


42-Year-Old Soccer Mom’s Dirty Talk Secret??

42-Year-Old Soccer Mom’s Dirty Talk Secret??

Well, there’s a new program called “Language Of Desire” That’s just been released, and holy-moly the internet is going absolutely insane over this one… So naturally I had to take a look to see what all the fuss was about so that I could share my personal views on the course with you.

This is a review – Click Here for the official LOD Website…

The program was created by Felicity Keith, who I had not heard of prior to the release of this program. She isn’t some slick relationship guru or celebrity coach or anything, and is in fact a 42 year-old soccer mom! She’s super likable.. So normal and down to earth (not some super skinny beauty queen) and I think that will help readers to relate better to what she has to say as she has been through the same struggles many women have experienced.

The Basic Premise For Felicity Keith’s Program…

At it’s core this is program that teaches you how to use your “feminine voice” to get your man (husband, boyfriend, some cute guy you meet etc…) totally aroused and even obsessed with you, so you can connect with him the way you want to, and keep him adoring you, and totally hot for you for as long as you like.

At first I thought this was simply a “dirty talk” program that teaches you naughty stuff to say to your man in bed and so forth, and while that definitely is a part of this, Felicity’s course actually goes a lot deeper and really digs into the truth about male sexual psychology, and how to use this psychology to, as Felicity says, “make you any man’s sexual obsession!”…

Yeah, this is the kind of stuff that can really steam up your glasses!

What You Get, Bonuses Etc…

I have to say this program is exceedingly well designed and put together. As I understand it this course is published by the same people that produce Michael Fiore’s programs (like The Secret Survey, Capture His Heart etc…)

The program comes with training videos, audios, and in an ebook (PDF) format, so that you can consume the information however you prefer, and it is chunked down into concise “modules” all focused around the key concepts of the program.

The course includes 33 different special techniques that you can use to “wake up” your man’s slumbering desire (or to spark that desire in a new man). I think this it important because we’ve all seen courses that promise a lot but then there are only a couple mediocre techniques, whereas this course has 33 of them and they are all new things that you’ve probably never heard of before… I’ve been through ever relationship/dating course for women that’s out there and I’ve never even heard of this stuff like “The Lust Mirror” or the “Monogamous Male Maximizer” (that one is intense!)

In addition to the core training, you also get several bonuses including: “Silent Seduction” which teaches you how to use body language to get him craving you without saying anything at all, “Unstoppable Confidence” a 90+ minute training where relationship experts Michael Fiore and Michael Griswold show you how to use “feminine vulnerability” to get a man eating out of the palm of your hand, and “The Good Girl’s Guide To Texting Dirty” – Felicity’s private collection of “Done For You Dirty Texts” proven to drive men insane with desire…

Language Of Desire Pro’s And Con’s…


Lots – There are really too many good things about this program to list all of them out. One of the things I didn’t mention is that the course is so easy and pleasurable to go through, that chance are you WILL go through the entire thing, probably a few times, because you’ll so enjoy learning all this stuff and thinking about how awesome it is going tobe when you use this the first time to get a guy salivating with desire, This is important because if a program is a paibn to listen to, or read then you’ll never get to it and then you won’t be able to enjoy the results!


Not for big prudes – If you are somebody who is really uptight about sexuality and who is closed minded about trying new things then this program probably would work out for you. The whole thing was designed to help “nice girls” who don’t want to be embarrassed doing anything weird, so it can definitely work if you are nice and proper, but at the same time, you can’t be completely uptight and prudish, you need to be at least a little bit open minded if you want to have this kind of power with men…


Like I said, at first I thought this was strictly a “dirty talk” program, but as it turns out this is a great all around course for women who want to learn how to communicate with men in a way that gets them exploding with passion.

This is hands down the best program for talking to a man in a way that get’s him totally obsessed with you. It’s all around fantastic! Click Here For Instant Access To Language Of Desire…


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