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The TRUTH about men…

In today’s review I’m going to be discussing a new program called That’s Not How Men Work by Marni Kinrys – a very well known dating expert for men and the woman who coined the term “Wing Girl”.

What is a “wing girl” you ask? Well, as Marni explains on her website basically she was a dating expert/advisor who actually worked with her clients in the field helping them to meet and attract women… She’s probably seen some CRAZY stuff huh?

This is a review of the program – Click Here for tho Official That’s Not How Men Work Website… 

What You’ll Learn In That’s Not How Men Work…

One of the things that excited me the most about this program was the fact that Marni the author has had such unique and extensive experience as a dating coach/expert. A lot of the programs I’ve reviewed lately are by people I’ve never heard of, and to be frank a lot of them say the same basic stuff as everybody else, just in other words… And even when the info is “good” and helpful, it’s just kinda hard to get excited about it because I just feel like I’ve heard it all before…

But in this course you get some pretty unique insights, stuff that most women have no idea men, and things that male dating authors and experts often see to have a very difficult time articulating…

I think that because so many men have opened up to Marni over the years and shared there inner-most feelings and fears it have really shown her a unique look at the male psyche, that comes across in this program… She shows you how most women often misinterpret things that guys do and say because men and women really do think about this stuff very differently.

And, what’s cool is that Marni is able to explain why guys do the stuff they do, and their motivations in a way that is really empowering. Insights that let you break through a man’s emotional walls and really connect with him.

The Best Parts:

This depends a bit on if you are single and want to meet new, really great guys, or if you already have a relationship and you are looking to connect deeper and take things to the next level…

There is a lot of content in here on you to get men to pay attention to you, and to see you as a “10” even if you sometimes feel like their are younger, hotter, etc.. women that outshine you and usually get the attention from guys you like. So if you are single and you want really quality, handsome men to approach you and ask you out then you will probably like Marni’s techniques for that. As a guy I can tell you that stuff DEFINTELY works on me, a little too well! It’s a little freaky actually because I never put 2 and 2 together that these things attracted me to women before…

If you are looking more for info on how to get a deeper connection, passion, a commitment and so forth from your man this topic is covered extensively too. I think one of the best things is the fact that Marni breaks everything down into step-by-step instructions on get a guy to see you differently and really feel like he needs to be with only you, even if he is the kind of player guy who never wanted to settle down before and has demonstrated “commitment-phobic” behaviors…

Is This Recommended, And For Whom?

As I just discussed this program had content that will be helpful regardless of your relationship status because the focus is on understanding the inner-workings of the male mind… And as Marni points out, men really do want women to understand them and how they think so that you can connect on a deep level.

Really any woman can benefit from understanding men better, whether you want to go out and snag an amazing new guy, or get the guy you are already with to see you as the only woman who can make him happy.

The Verdict…

I didn’t even go through all of what you get in this program… There’s a lot, including a few additional training programs “Unlock His Secrets”, “Confessions Of A Wing Girl” and “Intoxicate Him With Desire” my personal favorite, which shows how to get a man unbearably attracted to you.

This is a really complete course and I feel like Marni has some insights that a lot of women will find really exciting to try out. She is already quite a bit of a celebrity as far as dating experts go, but I see this program as the thing that will probably really solidify that status. Its a highly recommended course. Click Here for Instant Access to That’s Not How Men Work…


mehow spellbound couple

Put him under your “LOVE SPELL”!

In today’s review I’m going to be discussing a new program that is really different from anything else that has crossed my desk since I started this website…

It’s called “The Spellbond Formula” and its from a guy named Mehow who has become a bit of a celebrity since the release of an internet TV show called “The Girl’s Game” which caught my attention during its premier season earlier this year.

=> Here’s The Official Spellbound Website…

And while the show shared some good information and was pretty entertaining this new course goes a lot deeper into Mehow’s teachings so I really wanted to take a look at it, because I find that he has has a super unique approach, which is great because I’m getting REALLY sick of all these look-alike programs that basically just teach the same rehashed stuff over and over again…

The Basic Idea Behind The Spellbound Method…

The basic premise behind this program is that most men focus on a woman’s looks and just taking her to bed due to the fact that most women aren’t stimulating men emotionally. And as a guy I can say that this is a fair assessment. I mean after all, if you meet a hunky guy who looks great in a pair of swim trunks, but then when he starts talking its super boring, then chances are you’ll only be attracted on a physical level, and even then, if his personality is seriously lacking, then even his looks won’t be enough to save him. Well, it works both ways!

So the trick here is to engage with a man’s emotional brain (Mehow refers to this as his “lizard brain“).And in doing so, the idea is that you can skip the boring small talk and get into having a deeper connection that stimulates his emotions, gets him enthusiastic about talking to you and attracted to you, not just for your looks, but for the real person that you are on the inside.

And because so few women understand how to communicate with a man this way, you can basically make it so you don’t have any competition and get a guy to chase you and work for a commitment because you are the only person who can stimulate that part of his brain where these deep emotions are stored.

What I Liked Best:

A few things…

1) Its Not Manipulative or Woo-woo - One thing that bothers me is how so many of the dating and relationship guides I’ve seen lately are all about being some kind of “puppet-master“. When you think about it, that kind of thing is kind of silly because who wants to be in a relationship with somebody they have manipulated and brainwashed? Spellbound on the other hands lets you just be yourself, but you are communicating in a special way that just so happens to entrance men! And on the same note, this program is free from the gimmicky woo-woo stuff we see in a lot of self-help guides, meaning that its specific, and it shows you exactly what to do in real life situations so you can actually apply it.

2) Empowering – Most people, both men and women feel pretty powerless when it comes to finding the relationships they really want. And it can get to the point where you even feel hopeless when you’ve been on a bad streak with your dating/relationships… So. probably the coolest thing is that when you know how to talk and interact with men this way you are going to feel like you have real control and that you have a formula you can use anytime you find a man that you want to put under your “love spell.”

3) Can Be Applied Right Away - This program has a LOT of content, but it’s well organized so you won’t be overwhelmed. You can start with the “Emotional Loophole Technique” which is the most important technique in the whole program, and then you’ll have all odf the other stuff there for you when you need it, like a reference guide you can pull out on you Iphone (tablet, laptop etc…) when you need it.

What I Didn’t Like So Much…

1) Not Magic – While I like the idea of “love spells” the fact is that this isn’t a magic bullet solution. Even though you get the course you still need to read it, understand it, and apply it, and deal with the specific issues inherent to whatever your personal situation is… Of course this is the case with ANY self-help/dating guide, but the fact that this course talks about “love spells” may make it seem like there isn’t any effort required, when of course any worthy goal requires some degree of effort!

My Recommendation:

Overall I think this is a GREAT course. Frankly it’s the best thing I’ve seen all year.

I didn’t even mention the bonuses you get like the Spellbound Screening Formula for screening out Narcissistic guys, boring guys, and other guys who are just lacking, so that you can find a real MAN for a lasting relationship (there is a ton of content on this). There is also a Spellbound Texting program included that has texts for every situation you may find yourself in. Access to the digital version of Mehow’s unreleased “How To Talk To Hot Guys” book, Age defying Secrets and so on…

Honestly I can’t say enough good things about this program, it is really in a class by itself. Click Here for Instant Access To The  Spellbound Formula…



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