Don't Let Your "Ex" Stay An Ex!

Don’t Let Your “Ex” Stay An Ex!

Getting your ex back… It’s a topic I get a TON of emails and phone calls about. Let’s face it, wanting your partner back and not knowing what to do to get them to return to you is by far one of the worst situations that you can find yourself in!

Well, today’s post is gonna take a look at a brand new program on the topic.  The program called “The Ex Factor” that just might be the help you need to resolve your situation, so if this is something that you are currently dealing with you definitely want to hear about this one.

NOTE: There is also a men’s version of the Ex Factor course, so if you are a guy looking for info I put some notes on the men’s course at the end of this post… That said, the basic idea is similar whether you are a man or a woman, so if you read the whole post and you’ll get a better sense of what this is all about.

This is a review, Click Here For The Official Ex Factor Website…

What You’ll Learn In The Ex Factor Guide…

The Ex Factor teaches a complete system for getting your ex back using newly discovered psychology discovered my self proclaimed “relationship geek” Brad Browning. Brad explains how to “decode” the real reason your ex broke up with you, to move past the deception, and address the real situation before it’s too late.

Brad, who has worked with thousands of couples, and is an expert in relationship dynamics and cognitive psychology has identified what he calls “hot buttons” that you can use to engage with your ex’s hard-wired emotions and desires on a subconcious level that they will be powerless to resist.

Ex Factor System – Pros And Cons:

PRO #1) Brad is excellent at explaining the psychology of getting your ex back – I’ve said before that I don’t really care too much how many degrees someone has. If they know what they are talking about, and can offer me information that makes a positive impact on my life, that is what matters to me. But, that being said, there is definitely a lot of research that is being done that is a lot easier to find and comprehend if you are actually trained in psychology. The great thing about Brad is that as a trained psychologist he is able to take somewhat complex psychological concepts and rules and explain them (and how to use them) in terms that somebody like me who never studied psychology in college can understand.

PRO #2) The Patented 3R System – one of the most frustrating things I find in self-help programs and other sorts of training courses is when they just give you a bunch of information and then expect you to know how to take that information and use it. One of the best things about the Ex Factor is that it is highly organized and well structured, so you know exactly what to say and do at every step along the way so that you can get your ex back without needing to stress out over what to do next…

PRO #3) Covers all the most common scenarios – while every relationship and every break up is different, there are also a ton of similarities in what people go through emotionally after a break up. There are also a ton of common scenarios that you are likely to find yourself in after a split such as your ex dating somebody new, your ex’s friends interfering, your ex not responding to you etc… The Ex Factor provides strategies for how to handle all of these different situations so that you will have all of your bases covered.

CON #1) Takes work – One big mistake people make is thinking that if they get a program to help them with something like this that the act of purchasing the program is going to instantly solve all of their problems. In reality, this program and all self-help programs are really just information that you can use or not use. So realize that you do need to put in effort here and that, if you are trying to get your ex back, you really need to take action ASAP. Brad does a pretty good job of explaining how urgent the situation is, but it cannot be over-emphasized. You need to follow the program, and put in the effort if you want your ex back…

Note On the Men’s Course – If you’ve read the rest of this post then you saw that it’s not really all that gender specific. The main differences are in the bonus material and in the voice Brad uses to communicate with you, as a man he is a bit more aggressive in telling you what to do and not pulling any punches!

My Recommendation:

The “reverse psychology” this system employs is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the strategies theat you will learn to get your ex back in this course.

I have said before that I wouldn’t review any more “ex back” courses, simply because they are often quite similar, but The Ex Factor definitely is unique and even discredits a lot of the most common theories that other relationship experts have come up with about re-attracting an ex…

As of today, there is nothing I’d recommend more highly for those wishing to get beack with their ex. Click Here For Instant Access To The Ex Factor!



When he feels Irresistible Desire… He’ll fall at your feet!

Today I’m excited to give you a review of Carlos Cavallo’s newest program Irresistible Desire. If you read my review of Carlos’ Forever Yours program, then you know I am a big fan of his work, so I was really excited to see with this new program was all about.

Irresistible Desire is, as the title implies, all about connecting with the man’s raw emotions and unlocking them so that he is absolutely flooded with desire for you.

This is a review, Click Here for the official Irresistible Desire website…

The problem, as I’m sure you’re aware, is that in a lot of cases men are emotionally stunted, or in less drastic cases just very emotionally guarded, due to the pressures inflicted upon them by society at large… This emotional blockage can obviously make it difficult to connect with a man emotionally, and it can also cause guys to be extremely commitment phobic and to pull away even when it seems like you doing everything right.

So lets take a look at Carlos’ course, and see what this “secret signal” is all about…

The Basic Idea Behind “Irresistible Desire – The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion”

One of the key ideas behind Carlos’ system is that women spend too much time focusing on being pretty, and being great in bed. And, while no heterosexual man who is being honest would say that those things don’t matter at all, the truth is that men really DON’T fall in love with beauty… Or perhaps I should say “external beauty”.

Sure, there are some emotionally dead men, who will latch onto a total bimbo, but real quality men, the kind of men who I can only assume YOU probably want to be with need more than that in order to really fall in love.

Inside the irresistible desire program Carlos reveals what it is men actually are looking for from a woman (although of course most men are not rationally aware of the fact that this is what they’re looking for).

Now,I can’t give away ALL the details, but the basic idea is that men are looking for something from women emotionally that they just can’t come out and ask for… Because as we just discussed most men aren’t really consciously aware that this something that they want, because often times they just aren’t really aware of their emotional needs. And, to be fair most women aren’t really all in touch with their emotional needs either, but that’s a different story for another day :-)

Then, once Carlos has reveals this “loophole” in the male mind he goes on to provide you with a series of how to video tutorials detailing a complete method for basically crawling inside a man’s mind and reprogramming it to make him desire you and even see you as “his soul-mate”, and somebody who he feels intense feelings for that he probably has never felt for another woman ever in his life.

Pros And Cons of the Irresistible Desire System…

PRO #1) The Only Program Of Its Kind That Explains How To Open A Man’s “Floodgate” Of Desire – as I sat down to review this program the thing that struck me was that Carlos has identified a specific need that men have that I really haven’t seen discussed elsewhere in all of the many dating relationship advice books and courses that I have reviewed. It’s an insight that almost seems like it should be obvious, especially to me since I am a man as this is something that has affected me for literally decades now in my life. So obviously as a man this insight is beneficial to me in a different way than it would be to you as a woman looking to use this insight to your advantage. But, that being said I concur 100% that understanding this emotional loophole will undoubtedly give any woman a MASSIVE advantage on the dating scene and in relationships.

PRO #2) Material on “Future Proofing” your relationship – as we all know, simply getting into a great relationship is only half the battle (or maybe less!) And so many times we think we found somebody great only to have things slip away again… So, I was really impressed by the material that Carlos included on how to “future proof” your relationship and keep your man full of desire with you for the long term so that things don’t cool off after the “honeymoon stage” of the relationship…

PRO #3) Comprehensive and well put together – rather than just putting his ideas in chintzy little e-book, Carlos has created a really high quality program that you can enjoy via video or video, and then there is an even version as well in case you prefer reading. I think that this goes to show that the author really spares no expense to provide you with high quality material in a well structured way that makes it really, really easy for you to process everything very efficiently, so the can absorb all the material and then put into use as easily as possible.

CON #1) TOO Powerful? – Here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure that the type of woman who would get this program really has the best intentions in mind as far as how she wants to use the material. However the fact that the method and irresistible desire can be used to basically “reprogram” it’s a man’s mind definitely makes it dangerous in the wrong hands. A lot of women don’t understand how emotionally vulnerable and fragile men, even “tough guys” can be…

My recommendation:

The truth is that most men, who are completely emotionally stunted, do have a DEEP reservoir of emotion inside themselves that they are yearning to release. I think that Carlos Cavallo’s program is really a great resource for women who want to understand this emotion and use that understanding to connect with men in a deep, powerful, emotional way that can go on internally in the context of relationship or marriage. A great program. Click here for instant access to Irresistible Desire – The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion…


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